Welcome to TEGRA!

Welcome to the Turnkey Educational Group Research and Activism (TEGRA) blog! This blog will be dedicated to advancing important discussions on contemporary issues in the field of English language teaching. There will be monthly posts examining different aspects of the teaching and learning of English, and while the blog posts will not be full-fledged, peer reviewed articles, they will incorporate research literature whenever possible to support contributors' views. Some of the most prominent areas of blog discussion will be (but certainly not limited to) language policy, language and power, language and culture, native speakerism, second language writing, second language acquisition, academic integrity, discrimination and equality in ELT, English as a lingua franca, globalization, and teacher education.

We invite contributors to write for our blog on any topic they are passionate about. The views expressed by outside contributors will not necessarily be those expressed by TEGRA, but the idea is to invite diverse perspectives on important ELT discussions; it's critical that all voices on a particular spectrum have a platform to be heard. For those interested in contributing, please email us at inquiry@turnkeyeducationalgroup.com and we look forward to fruitful and lively discussion.

Here's to happy blogging!