Turnkey Educational Group, LLC has had extensive experience providing tutelage to undergraduate and graduate students completing their theses or dissertations. Our *certified proofreading service seeks to offer helpful insight into the ways students can improve the language, flow, coherence, and/or formalities of large academic compositions. Whether you need cosmetic revision of grammatical structures, vocabulary usage or typos, or if you need deeper more comprehensive feedback with regards to organizational structure or flow and relevance of ideas, TEG proofreaders will accommodate your needs and return your work in an expedient and timely manner. We also help businesses who need English language expertise to help with the look and feel of their business language use. Businesses need to project a strong, competent image, and nothing represents that better than an excellent command of the English language. Businesses have turned to us to help with their copywriting needs, marketing material, and business profiles.

Turnkey Educational Group, LLC is a proud member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP), a UK based organization known for "upholding editorial excellence".


These editorial services are especially catered for doctoral and masters dissertation preparation with keen emphasis on style, grammar and punctuation, and referencing format as well as businesses whose native languages are other than English. For students, we can provide assistance with regards to referencing styles, particularly APA, MLA, Harvard, and Vancouver referencing style guides. We can also help analyze your usage of paraphrasing and summary skills in order to make sure you avoid committing plagiarism***, a grave academic offense. For businesses, we help determine the language and vocabulary that is necessary to use with your specific field and profession. Please read the brief summary of each service below and choose the one that suits you best. Once you've decided, kindly fill out the "Project Request Form", and a representative will contact you shortly with a project quotation.