Westcliff University TESOL Certification Program Benefits


You’ve done it! You’ve embarked on a career in English language teaching and you’re ready to take on the world. You know a teaching certificate will be a great addition to your profile, but do you really know all the wonderful benefits you’ll receive by having a TESOL certificate? Read on to learn about the professional, academic and personal benefits you’ll receive with the Westcliff University TESOL Certificate program!


Professional Benefits

A TESOL certificate gives you a number of professional benefits, some of which are immediate and some of which last a lifetime. These can be described as follows:


  • Add strength to your resume/CV by having certification from an accredited US university

  • Have your certificate stamped by local educational and/or training authorities to be recognized in Saudi Arabia (in some cases may only be applicable to Saudi nationals)

  • Connect with TESOL professionals not only in Saudi Arabia but also across the globe

  • Have direct access to EFL/ESL scholars in the field

  • Increase employability and set yourself apart from non-certified English teachers


Academic Benefits

In addition to the professional benefits you will reap, there are also a number of important academic benefits that you will gain from taking this TESOL certificate training program. These can be best described as follows:


  • Have the opportunity to further your education as the TESOL certificate counts as 3 academic credits towards the Westcliff University MA in TESOL program

  • Solidify your knowledge of fundamental theoretical principles in the field of ELT

  • Learn practical skills to enhance your teaching practices

  • Develop self reflection techniques that will allow you to identify the strengths/areas for improvement in your own teaching

  • Be provided with basic research skills to address language problems in your local context


Personal Benefits

Last but not least are the personal benefits that you will hope to gain from undertaking this training. These can be best described as follows:


  • Gain confidence in your teaching abilities as you learn from the best

  • Expand your intellectual horizons as you have discussions with experts in the field

  • Build your professional and personal network by interacting with colleagues from all over the world

  • Pave the way to furthering your education (MA in TESOL)

  • Develop long lasting friendships that will stay with you long after completing the program