Turnkey Educational Group, LLC, official registered in the State of Delaware, USA, in June 2015, is in actuality the culmination of a number of different business ventures that have begun or been in operation since 2009. Turnkey Educational Group, LLC has extensive experience in the Middle East, particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as North Africa for over 12 years. Over these 12 years, there has been a salient expansion of English language and professional development services offered to various institutions around the world at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels or private/governmental institutions seeking to train employees in the English language to gain access to other important fields of knowledge. While the number of services has increased, that hasn’t necessarily meant a proliferation of quality. The saturation of the market with subpar performers has created a need for premier training and language solutions that deliver the service effectively as well as one that accommodates and facilitates the end user’s every need. Realizing that there was a void that needed to be filled, Turnkey Educational Group, LLC was born. Based on local and international experience, a world class educational foundation, extensive collaboration with other market leaders, and the commitment to excellence, Turnkey Educational Group, LLC envisions the birth and growth of a company unmatched in delivering quality, effective, and customized training and editorial solutions for local and global clients.